an interactive journey into Yara Lapidus album "Indéfiniment"
produced by Yara Music
Gabriel Yared
French Lyrics & Vocals
Yara Lapidus
English Lyrics
Ed Harcourt & Yara Lapidus
All you do
Everything you say
Echoes night and day
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Genesis of the album

“The starting point was the timbre of Yara’s voice, for which I composed my melodies. From there, her words came naturally and a general theme emerged: Love, explored from a different angle for every song. The words themselves evoke imaginary movie scenes...

The English versions are co-adapted by Ed Harcourt, in collaboration with Yara.
The album “Indéfiniment” was born from a shared passion for simple and timeless songs.
Recorded with 43 musicians between 2014 and 2015 at the legendary Abbey Road Studios, this album that I composed and produced is the quintessence of my musical universe”.

- Gabriel Yared

Gabriel Yared is an internationally renowned composer. He received an Oscar, a Golden Globe, a Grammy and a BAFTA award for the music of "The English Patient" and two Oscar nominations for "The Talented Mr. Ripley" and "Cold Mountain".

He wrote the music for the films "The Lover," for which he received a César, "37,2 Le Matin (Betty Blue)," "Camille Claudel" and "juste La fin du Monde (It’s Only The End Of The World)," the latest film by Xavier Dolan.

Yara Lapidus is the daughter-in-law of the iconic designer Ted Lapidus and of Lebanese origin, has lived in Paris since the age of 18. She sings in several languages: French, English, Arabic, Italian and Spanish. She received her first guitar at just 6 years old, during a time when her country was experiencing tragic events. She studied successively in Cairo, Paris, London and Boston.

She began to specialise in fashion at first, and then music with her first album in 2009.

Her meeting with Gabriel Yared was to prove fundamental.Gabriel guided her towards a style that fits her style perfectly. Yara wrote the lyrics for more than 20 songs, born directly from her artistic understanding with Gabriel.
Her words are well crafted and authentic, also embrace a sense of simplicity.

With this album “Indéfiniment”, Gabriel Yared returned to his first love, writing songs as he has successfully done previously, including for Francoise Hardy and many other performers.

The album "Indéfiniment", gives us unique music, and like Yared the composer, it’s far from conventional. It also give us a sensibility that fits perfectly complicit with the instantly recognisable voice of Yara Lapidus.

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